By: Jonesborough Genealogical Society        

     This Bible was in the possession of Mrs. Wm. J. Peebles, Johnson City, TN., when copied by Mrs. L.W. McCown in 1950. Mrs. Peebles died Sept. 19, 1950 and is buried in Milligan College Cemetery, Milligan College, TN.

     William Peebles, born Oct. 15, 1787 in Washington County, NC (now Carter County, TN).

     Elizabeth Sheetz, daughter of Jacob and Catherine Sheetz, born Sept. 7, 1794 at Eagle Rock, Botetourt Co., VA.

     William Peebles and Elizabeth Sheetz were married at her father’s residence in Botetourt Co., VA on Nov. 16, 1813 by Rev. John Helms.

                George Peebles, born Sept. 14, 1814.

                Nancy S. Peebles, born March 20, 1816.

                Harriett C. Peebles, born Dec. 18, 1817.

                John W. Peebles, born Dec. 19, 1819.

                Phenetta Peebles, born Sept. 8, 1822.

                Madison T. Peebles, born Jan. 2, 1825.

                Andrew J. Peebles, born Jan. 16, 1829.

                William J. Peebles, born Jan. 18, 1831.

                Elizabeth C. Peebles, born Feb. 8, 1833.

                James L. Peebles, born Dec. 22, 1836.


                Jacob D. Akard and Nancy S. Peebles married at the family residence in Carter Co., TN on Sept. 10, 1839 by Rev. George W. Alexander.

                Samuel Bachman and Harriett C. Peebles married Nov. 25, 1841, by Rev. John W. Cunningham.

                George  W. Duncan and Phenetta Pebbles married Sept. 3, 1844 by Rev. John W. Cunningham.

                Nathaniel T. Brown and Phenetta P. Duncan married Dec. 1, 1853 by Rev. John Wright.

                Andrew J. Peebles and Clarissa H. Ray married at her father’s home in Yancey Co., NC on Feb. 11, 1858 by Rev. James W. Hooker.

                Wlliam Bushong and Elizabeth C. Peebles married in Carter Co.., by Rev. James K. Hancher (a Lutheran minister).


                John W. Peebles died in Carter Co., TN,  Feb. 27, 1839.

                George W. Duncan died in Limestone Cove, April 20, 1850.

                James L. Peebles died in Carter Co., TN, Aug. 28, 1855.

                George W. Peebles died in Carter County Feb. 27, 1856.

                Harriet C. Bachman, died in Sullivan Co., Feb. 21, 1863.

                William Peebles died in Unicoi Co., TN, where he had lived since 1819, on June 30, 1875.

                Nathaniel T. Brown, died in Washington Co., TN on May 29, 1880.

                William Bushong died in Bristol, TN, on Jan. 15, 1882.

                Samuel Bachman died in Sullivan Co., on Aug. 22, 1886.

                Elizabeth Sheetz Peebles died in Unicoi Co., TN on Dec. 4, 1886.

                William J. Peebles died Dec., 3, 1919 in Unicoi County, TN.

                (End of Bible Record)

     Notes by Mrs. L. W. McCown from data as told her by Mrs. Wm. J. Peebles: Wm. Peebles and wife, Elizabeth Sheetz Peebles are buried at the old family cemetery on a farm near the brick Peebles home at Marbleton, Unicoi Co., TN.

Wm. Peebles, born in Scotland, 1740, died 1790, and wife, Elizabeth Edmondson of Virginia, are buried near Marbleton, in the woods in an unknown cemetery. They were married in 1765. Wm. Peebles Sr., served in the Revolutionary War as a private in the 2nd North Carolina Reg. Continental Line, 1776-78. He was at battles of Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth Court House and Valley Forge.

     A younger William J. Peebles married Mary Jane Lyons in 1896. He was born Jan. 20, 1862, died Sept. 18, 18– (?) in Johnson City, TN. Both are buried at Milligan College. The elder Wm. J. Peebles served in the Confederate Army. He lived and died in the house in which he was born Jan. 18, 1831, and save for his army life, he was never far from his farm home. Mary Jane Lyons Peebles was born in Sullivan County on Jan. 20, 1862, the daughter of David Lyons and Nannie Barker Lyons. Her father is buried in Sullivan County, but the mother, Nannie Barker Lyons, born Oct. 22, 1837, died May 16, 1896, is buried at Milligan College Cemetery.

     In the Peebles (Peoples) Cemetery on Buffalo Creek in Unicoi Co., TN., there is a large monument to Wm. Peebles and Elizabeth S. Peebles, with all their children’s names and birth and death dates on it. Jacob D. Akard, born Jan. 25, 1818, died Aug. 17, 1895, and wife, Nancy S. Peebles, born March 20, 1816, died June 11, 1894, are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Johnson City.

                (From the files of the late Mary H. McCown).