This Bible was a large family Bible printed at Lunenberg, Mass., in 1832. It was in the possession of J. Kelly Sharp of Elizabethton in 1936, at which time it was copied by Mary H. McCown.

Bible Record:

                Joseph Good was married to Ruth Irwin Jan. 10, 1839.

                Henry C. Nave to Margaret Irwin  ? ?

                L.T. Irwin to Elendor Broyles Oct. 15, 1840.


                Malinda Taylor was born May 18, 1785 and was married to Patrick Irwin 1805, and was a daughter of Leeroy and Mary Taylor.

                H.C. Nave was born in year of our Loud Dec. 9, 1807.

                Leroy T. Irwin was born April 20 in the year of our Lord 1812.

                William Irwin, Jan. 3, 1817.

                Ruth Irwin was born May 3, 1819.

                Margaret P. Irwin born Jan. 11, 1810


                M.P. Nave died the 12th day June, 1876.

                M. Alice Naff (Nave) died July 18, 1899.

                End of Bible Record.

     Book: Extract of the “Christians Pattern: by John Wesley, printed in New York 1816 by J.C. Totten. Written on the fly leaf of this book was the following record, which ties in with the above Bible record:

     “John Irwin’s Book – whose parents were Patrick and Malinda Irwin. Their son John was born on Limestone Creek about 2 miles from Leesburg, Washington County in the State of Tennessee on the 3rd day of November one thousand eight hundred and five (1805).

     Patrick Irwin was born in the County of Donegal in the Principality of Ireland.

     John Irwin was born on the 3rd day of November 1805.

     Mary Irwin, daughter of Patrick Irwin and Malinda his wife, was born on 1st day of December 1807.

     Patrick Erwin (Irwin) lived in Leesburg – Fairview communities of Washington County, and is buried in the cemetery at Fairview Methodist Church. His marker was an old rock with this inscription – “Patrick Erwin, died April 30, 1835, aged 56 yrs.”

     Patrick Erwin served in the War of 1812 as a Private in Capt. Henry McCray’s Co., Regiment of Col. Ewen Allison, East Tenn. Militia. Enlisted Jan. 5, 1814; transferred April 27, 1814 to Capt. Francis Register’s Co. in Col. Saml Bunch’s Regiment, East Tennessee Militia. Service ended Aug. 1, 1814. His name is also on Capt. George McPherson’s Co., Col. Bunch’s Regiment, showing enlistment on Jan. 4, 1814, and transferred to Capt. Register’s company on April 27, 1814. His statement made on Power of Attorney ex. Aug. 11, 1814, says his service was in Capt. McCray’s and Capt. Register’s companies. He married Malinda Taylor, daughter of Leeroy & Mary Taylor. Malinda died 1861.

     Leeroy Taylor, father of Malinda, was a soldier of the War of the Revolution in service of North Carolina as Captain. He and his wife, as well as Patrick and Malinda T. Erwin, are all buried in the Fairview Cemetery. On June 20, 1934 Government Markers were erected at both Erwin’s and Taylor’s graves by Mrs. L. W. McCown and Mrs. C. A. Brown, of the Col. David Henley Chapter, Tennessee Society, United States Daughters of the War of 1812, assisted by Mr. David Henley Chapter, Tennessee Society, United States Daughters of the War of 1812, assisted by Mr. David Good, a descendant of Ruth Erwin, consort of Joseph Good, who died May 3, 1852, and lies buried close by the Erwin-Taylor graves in Fairview. The location of these graves was made May 30, 1926, by Mrs. McCown, who was shown the location by Mr. John Alexander Jones, now deceased, who lived in the Fairview Community.  From the files of Mary H. McCown.