By: Elaine Cantrell   

     The March 3, 1897, edition of the Herald and Tribune carried the following item from the Eighth District: “Death came recently and struck down one of the first settlers on Cherokee, Daniel Huffine, one of our oldest citizens.”

     The obituary appeared March 17, 1897, in the Herald and Tribune: “Daniel Huffine was born in North Carolina November 25, 1807, died February 23, 1897, at his home in this county. He came to Tennessee many years ago and planted a home on Cherokee. Daniel was a blacksmith, woodworker and a farmer. He was married in 1830 to Achaia Dulaney, who bore him 14 children – seven sons and seven daughters. After her death he married Sarah Irick, who remained with him a few years before passing on.

     “Uncle Daniel’s descendants are numerous. He has more than fifty grandchildren and many, many great-grandchildren and many, many great grandchildren. He became a member of the M.E. Church in 1851.”

     Daniel and Achsah (Axie) are buried in the Speedwell Cemetery, Cherokee Road, Washington County, TN. Achsah’s stone contains the following information:

     Achsah Dulaney Huffine, wife of Daniel Huffine (17 June 1814-22 August 1881) 45 years a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mother of 14 children. Married Oct. 11, 1830, in Washington County, TN.

     The Herald and Tribune for November 15, 1893, contains the following death notice from Doves Mill “Mrs Daniel Huffine (Sarah Irich) died at her home on little Cherokee on the 4th of this month and her remains were laid to rest in Union Cemetery.”

The Children of Daniel and Axie Huffine

  1. Mary (5 Nov. 1831 – 22 May 1853) married George Walters (23 Nov. 1830 – 14 Aug 1863 Civil War in Petersburg, VA). Mary is buried at Speedwell, Child, Mary Denton Bennett).
  2.      2. Jacob (19 Mar. 1837 – 15 Sept. 1918) Buried at Speedwell.  Married (first) Sarah Walters (11 May 1842 – 1 Apr 1885), daughter of William Walters, buried at Speedwell. Children: John A., William, Achsah (Axie) Leach, Loretta Shell, Charles Emory, Jacob R. “Bob,” Samuel A. Second marriage to Lizzie Elrod (29 Mar. 1865 – 9 Oct. 1926), buried at Huffine-Slagle Cemetery off Cherokee d. Child: Nora Lorena Price.
  3. James D. (10 Feb. 1840 – 31 Dec. 1882), buried Speedwell. Not married.
  4. Daniel Byrd (3 Aug. 1843 – 29 Sept. 1931) First marriage to Catherine Garber (30 Oct. 1848 – 2 June 1887) Children: William Faw, Samuel Jantry, Thomas David, George Mann McCoy, Achsah Minerva, twin to Achsah. Second marriage to Margery Ling (Aunt Margie, 27 July 1857 – 4 June 1936). No children.

Daniel and his two wives buried at Speedwell.

  1. Thomas David (10 Nov. 1854 – 4 Jan. 1928) Buried at Speedwell. Married Amanda Denton, one child, Burban.
  2. William Daniel (abt 1832 – ?).
  3. Aseneth (1835 – 1902) married Thomas W. Francis (1828 – 1913) both buried at Edgeman Cemetery, Roane County, TN. Children: Ephriam Houston, Dartis, Daniel, George, Martin, Melvina Johnson, Roberts Stamper.
  4. Lucinda (16 Oct. 1836 – 5 Apr. 1921) married first to Sam Walters (10 Dec. 1834 – 5 Sept. 1863), buried Finns Point National Cemetery, Ft. Delaware, DE, in a common grave. Children: William T., Daniel M., Sarah Francis. Second marriage to Robert A. Francis, (1847 – 31 May 1925). Children: Mary Scott, Harriet Hart, Samuel Walter France, Robert and Lucinda buried George Mottern Cemetery in Carter County, TN.
  5. Margaret (15 Feb. 1842 – 25 Jan. 1900) married Henry M. Slagle (24 june 1844 – 1912). They are buried at Deakins Cemetery, Washington County, TN. Children: Axie M., Hattie, Jacob Alexander “Jake,” Charles W., George S.C., Henry L. D.
  6. Absalom (10 Oct. 1845 – 18 Sept. 1916), married Sara Priscilla May (4 July 1847 – 24 May 1910), both are buried at Eden Cemetery, Washington County, TN. Children: Emory Taylor, Robert Milburn, and Walter Sherman.
  7. Worley Emory (6 Jan. 1849 – 10 Nov. 1935), married Mary D. (Carr) Miller (24 Apr. 1843 – 6 Apr. 19?) Both are buried at Carr Cemetery off WJSO Road, Washington County, TN. Children: Edna “Eddie,” James D., Fannie Stover, Charles E., Roy Mann, Lenah Fine, Mary A. (child) Axie V.
  8. Martha F. (10 Sept. 1852 – Apr. 1921). Married George miller (1851 – 1921). Both are buried at Eden Cemetery, Mill Springs Rd., Washington County, TN. Children: Dailey B., and Eva C. Oliver.
  9. Axie Jane (23 Oct. 1850 – 4 Sept. 1918) married Byrd Denton (8 Apr. 1848 – 6 Feb. 1925), both are buried Union Cemetery, Cherokee Rd., Washington County. Children: Mintie L. Walters, Cling, Axie, Margaret M., Estel Scott, Dan, Sam, Ferris, Cofer.
  10. Sarah L. (19 Mar. 1847 – 24 June 1887), married Samuel Britt, (22 Nov. 1842 – 31 Dec. 1886). Both are buried in a private cemetery near the Laurels bordering Washington and Carter Counties. Children: William, Daniel, Catherine Wagner, and Bertha Chambers.

Daniel Huffine’s Stepchidlren

(Sarah Irick’s children)

     George, Mary E. Bond, Margaret Potter, Jane Brumit, Augusta Hite, Hannah Mongold, Miriah Townsend, and Caroline Dolan.