GEORGE COCHRAN – Bible in possession of Mrs. G. C. Sanders, Melubro Court apts., Johnson City, Tennessee, Copied Feb. 26, 1951 by Mary Hardin McCown.            


                George Cochran was born June 15, 1793.

                Rebecca Cochran was born Nov. 22, 1799.

                William Cochran was born July 25, 1821.

                Nancy Jane Cochran was born Aug. 19, 1822.

                James Cochran was born Aug. 11, 1823.

                John B. Cochran was born Feb. 7, 1825.

                Sarah E. Cochran was born Feb. 7, 1825.

                Daniel B. Cochran was born April 7, 1829.

                Frank D. Cochran was born April 13, 1831.

                Ebenezer Cochran was born Nov. 17, 1832.

                Samuel C. Cochran was born Oct. 23, 1835.

                Jacob C. Cochran was born Jan. 13, 1838.

                Robert Cochran was born Jan. 13, 1838. (twins)

                Margaret Emaline Cochran was born May 23, 1840.


                George Cochran and Rebecca Barkley were married July 25, 1820.

                E.W. King and Nancy Jane Cochran were married Feb. 19, 1856.

                Daniel B. Cochran and Sally Register were married Jan. 31, 1855.

                Franklin D. Cochran and Sallie Wheelock were married Oct. 15, 1857.

                Jacob Cochran and Mima J. Martin were married July 18, 1858.

(End of Bible Record)

     Date from Washington County, TN records:

     James H. Cochran and Jane Barkley were married Nov. 6, 1821.

     Will of George Cochran dated June 5, 1844, probated August ten, 1844.

     Date from Fairview Methodist Quaker Cemetery, Washington County, TN.

     George Cochran, born June 15, 1793, died June 25, 1844.

     Rebecca Cochran, born Nov. 22, 1799, died Aug. 19, 1870, aged 70 yrs., 8 mos., 21 days.

     Sallie (Register), wife of Daniel B. Cochran, born April 21, 1832, died 1853.

     It is not known if the old John Barkley and Susanna Burgess Barkley are buried in Fairview Cemetery, or likely in Leesburg, where they lived. They were parents of Jane Barkley, who married first James Cochran, and second Jacob Cameron on Jan. 21, 1828, and lived in Elizabethton, TN, where she had a family of Camerons. John Barkley died May 31, 1814. Susanna Burgess Barkley, his widow, petitioned the Washington County Court in August 1814 to appoint a committee to partition off his estate to support her and her children. In April 1817, she petitioned for a Tavern License in Leesburg. It was granted. Susanna Barkley died before March 22, 1842. Her will is in Washington County.