By: Jonesborough Genealogical Society          

     From the 1850 Census of Washington County, TN; Rosamund Bean, aged 75, born NC, was living with the  Capt. Jacob Hartsell (wife Nancy Million) family in the Cherokee Community. The Hartsell family burials were in the Cherokee Baptist Church Cemetery and it is probably that Rosamund was buried there also. The Hartsells named a son Russell Bean Hartsell, born March 17, 1813. Rosamund was the daughter of Col. Charles Robertson and widow of Russell Bean, the first white child born in Tennessee. This branch of the Bean family seems to have lived in the Mayday Community near the forks on Booth and Lloyd branches of Cherokee Creek   Members of the family operated a gun shop at that place.

     A son, Charles Russell Bean, married Margaret Cloyd, daughter of William Cloyd, June 19, 1815. The Cloyd family also lived in the Mayday area. Charles R. Bean Sr., located on South Indian Creek in what is now Unicoi County, where he operated a gun shop. Both Charles R. Bean Jr., and wife, Margaret Brown, are buried in the cemetery  at that site. In that cemetery there is one marked stone, erected by Creola Bean, who is buried there in an unmarked grave.

     Charles R. Bean, Aug. 13, 1835-Jan. 10, 1919.

     Margaret Brown Bean, April 25, 1839-March 12, 1894.

            Bible Records:


Charles R. Bean and Margaret Brown was (sic) married the 11th day of January 1856.


     Charles R. Bean was born  13th day of August 1835, died Jan. 10, 1919.

     Margaret Brown his wife was born  25th day of April, 1839, died March 12, 1894.

     Esther Eliza Bean their daughter was born  21st of March 1857.

     Nancy Elizabeth their daughter was born  20th day of April, 1858.

     Rosamund their daughter was born  13th day of July 1860.

     Flora Macdonald was born  17th  May, 1862, died Jan. 14, 194-.

     Charles Russell Bean was born 28th Aug., 1856.

     Mary E. Bean was born 14th of August 1864.

     Sarah J. Bean was born 16th, February 1867.

     Margret Alice Bean was born 19th  April 1869.

     Julia Brown Bean was born 3rd May 1871, died Feb. 8, 1942.

     William R.S. Bean was born 7th June, 1873.

     James Baxter Bean was born 30th January 1876.

     Creola Bean was born 2nd July 1878, died Jan.  3, 1962.

     Jeanett Bean was born 11th July 1881.


     Died the 29th day of March 1858, Esther Eliza Bean, daughter of Charles R. Bean and Margaret Bean.

     Died June 29, 1883, Rosa L. Bean, daughter of C. R. Bean and Margaret Bean.

     Died March 6,, 1885, Mollie E. Tinker, daughter of C.R. Bean and Margaret Bean.

     Died June 5th, 1888, Nannie E. McLaughlin, daughter of C.R. Bean and Margaret Bean.

End of Bible Record

     Most of the marriages of Charles Bean Sr., family were with inhabitants of Unicoi County: Peleg Brown married Rosamund Bean April 13, 1853; Charles R. Bean married Margaret Brown January 11, 1856; James Brown married Elizabeth Bean January 8, 1848; Joseph W. Bean married Mary Ann Brown March 25, 1852.

     All these Browns were descendants of John Caldwell Brown,  who came from Burke Co.,NC c1796, settling in the present Fishery area. They were no way related to the Browns of Washington County. All the Browns named above are shown in the division of the estate of John Brown of Greasy Cove, who seems to have been a son of John and Jane McNabb Brown and a grandson of John Caldwell Brown. (From materials in the files of Mary McCown and Charles Bennett, both deceased).