Library Scanning Project

Project Leader: Gene Hurdt

Project Description: The Library Scanning Project began in 2016, with the purpose to inventory, arrange, and digitize the library and society’s genealogical and historical collection and center to better serve the patrons and society members who use it. Since this time, society members have completed an inventory of the genealogy collection.

 The Library genealogy and history center was started in 1990 by the Jonesborough Genealogical Society, as a central objective of the society, and contains around 2,200 books, approximately 1,900 genealogy journals, vertical files, microfilm, maps, etc.  Approximately 40% of this collection has been donated by over 200 individuals, groups, organization, etc.  The genealogy collections began with the collections of Mary Hardin McCown and Charles Marion Bennett, but many others have been added including part of the late County Historian Mildred Kozsuch’s collection

 In December 2016, the scanning of the vertical files began, starting with the family files.  After 1,249.4 volunteer hours, all of the family files have been scanned.  The Library genealogy collection has family files on 895 surnames.

 In July 2018, scanning of the location / subject files was started.

 There has been work done in other areas of the library genealogy collection.  Arranging of the genealogy journals, books sent for cataloging, scanning of some articles in genealogy journals, and other projects have been completed.

 Presently the database of scanned genealogy material contains almost 14GB of information!

Photos Courtesy of Tim Massey Historic Photography.