Surname Project

Project Leader: Gilbert Rosenberger, Jr.

Project Description: The Indexing- Surname Project is designed to create a searchable database or index of all surnames and names listed in the books and vertical files of the Washington County-Jonesborough Library Historical/ Genealogical Section.

Michael Dean Pressley, 2014 Graduate of East Tennessee State University, created the Jonesborough Genealogical Society Surname Database that will be used in the Genealogy- History Center at the Washington County- Jonesborough Library. This database is the basis of the project. It will create an index of all books in this section and names can be searched easily. Eventually, the Vertical Files are likely to be added. Pressley presented his program to the JGS on May 5, 2014, and already has some books added!

Left to Right: Gilbert Rosenberger, Jr., Michael Dean Pressley, and Gene Hurdt.