As president of the Jonesborough Genealogical Society, I want to welcome you to the new Jonesborough Genealogical Society website. This new website is a work in progress and began in July 2018 when the board of directors reached out to Appalachian Digital Media to design and create a new website and digital platform that will provide our members and community with more resources, more stories, more research, and even more access.

As the society continues to grow and look into the future, this website will allow many of our society’s projects and objectives to reach more researchers. As you take time to look through our website, please note some particular areas including our membership tab, resources tab, projects tab, bookstore tab, and news tab. Each of these tabs provide you with individual and particular information.

Our membership tab allows members to create their own profiles to access the society’s Surname Register and The Jonesborough Record Newsletter. As well, it allows members to pay their annual dues, and non-members to join the society! Joining the society, gives you many benefits including access to these boards, a close-knit family of researchers all across the United States, as well as discounts to some events including two county tours and other free events. It also gives you an annual newsletter entitled The Jonesborough Record, and access to our members-only Jonesborough Genealogical Society Facebook Group.

Our bookstore tab allows you to see what books the society have ready for sale. As this page is adapted and expanded, descriptions and photos of every book will be available, as well as allow for reviews of these books to be made. Many of these books can be purchased through the online store, and no need for forms, postage, and waiting two weeks to receive your items, anymore, unless you just want too!

Our news tab allows you to read blog posts about topics related to the society, while our events posts allows you to see all events offered by the society including our Genealogy Days on the 4th Saturday of each month January-October and our Genealogy Help Nights on the 2nd Thursday of each month January-December.

Our projects tab allows you to be involved in on-going projects of the society, as we try to incorporate as many of these projects into this website.

Finally…our resource tab is continually under construction, as we hope to add influential information including workshop resources, worksheets, documents, and other helpful items including our weekly newspaper column “Digging for Your Roots” in the Jonesborough Herald and Tribune.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know… Contact us at our new email:!

Again! Thank you for visiting the JGS!